About Me

What made you decide to start a blog?
I started this blog as a way to reinforce computer science topics I’m learning about, have experience with, or find particularly interesting. Throughout the blog you’ll see tutorial series, book recommendations, general code bits, and stories about what I’m working on in my professional and personal journey.

What’s your big why?
I’m a life long learner, I’m always diving into new projects, technologies, exploring the possible and seeing what new things I can come up with. One skill I’ve mastered is to fail gracefully, learn from my mistakes and try try again. This skill is one of the sole reasons that I’ve been so successful in my career. The intention of this blog is to help other readers through some of the pitfalls I’ve gone through, ease their pain and try and teach my method of failing gracefully.

What keeps you going?
Gosh lots of things, my desire to learn new things. To be a good role model for my son, to continue to help push the bounds of the computer science field.

Why should I read this crap?
Technically speaking, you don’t have to. I’m doing this just as much for me as I am for you; the reader. However, I’m a savvy technologist with 16 years of experience in the field. I’ve worked on Windows NT all the way through to the current builds, I’m actively pursuing my computer science degree as I prefer coding and solving problems. A majority of my background is focused on system administration / networking. I started learning how to code in 2009 and have been grooming those skills since, I reached a point in my self taught CS career that I felt I needed the theory and degree program background. So in 2016 I decided I’d go for my B.S in Comp Sci.

What do you do for hobbies?
Game development, game jams, I’m an avid competitor in the Magic The Gathering community, you’ll typically catch me at Friday night magic. I also enjoy cycling, and spending time with my family.

Can I hire you?
While I am employed currently, I’m always open to new opportunities. Feel free to check out my resume and send me a message. Email is typically the best way to contact me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about me!

Cheers and happy coding,