Kilburn – Roguelike – Update

One of my favorite game developer conference (GDC) talks is the Diablo postmortem by David Brevik. He details the nitty gritty of game design and development and show cases his original game design document (GDD) he was working on while in high school. I’ve always aspired to learn from the great developers that blazed the trails before me and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a name for the roguelike game I’ve been working on. David got the name Diablo from the mountain near his California home Mt. Diablo. So to google maps I went and I’ll be naming my future roguelike Kilburn, its a mountain that’s near my home.

Cheers David

Devlog Update

So feature development has been slow, I’ve spent the last two weeks rewriting my procedural map generation, redoing my artwork for my dungeon generator and integrating this work into the project. When I started this rewrite I wanted to do it outside of my active project so I was free of any other code that was running. I wanted to nail down the basics of procedural prefab room generation. I also wanted to publish this procedural generation so other developers could use it.

So, I released a basic version of my code under the MIT license, you can get a copy of it here:

Here’s what a generated map looks like in Kilburn
Here is a first look at the wall and floor tile set.

That’s all for now, as I continue to work on AI, combat, and work towards a playable build. We’ll be posting more updates.



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